This was a fantastic installation from start to finish. The customer started with a visit to our showroom. This allowed us to go through in detail each of the components areas of the simulator and he could then spec his system accordingly.

The simulator was to be housed in a large outbuilding where the room would then be built internally. The plan was for a fantastic Golf simulator but also with home cinema use. Uneekor Eye Xo was the tracking device chosen by the client. The customer particularly liked the swing optics cameras for swing analysis and also the view software which shows all your data cleanly, video/photo of the golf club at impact and the ability to save sessions so its easy to recap. GSPro software was chosen as its great value with a variety of golf courses and with a very affordable annual subscription cost.

The design of the room was raised for the hitting area and then lower for the rear part of the room. The client was keen that when they were seated for cinema use they couldn’t see the projector. So a stepped room design was built allowing for a custom bay feel, which creates even more space around the player to swing and then a lower ceiling room height at the rear for a cosy feeling when watching movies.

The bay was an impressive 5366mm in width with a 3000 bay height. With our trim pads this produces an exact 16:9 ratio. Not only does this look mighty impressive for the golf simulator but movies are then in the correct ratio.

Our custom made upholstered panels were chosen with a cut out for the Eye Xo to recess into, along with our Ultra Impact Screen with trim kit. Huxley Golf done a great job with their tee turf and black putting turf. The black turf is proving to be very popular with customers, we think it looks very modern with the black upholstered panels and makes the projected image pop.

A 5000 lumen 4K projector makes the image clean and crisp even with the lutron lighting turned up. Two, 4K 55″ touchscreen monitors were then recessed into the side wall for another clean look. Recessing monitors when we have the chance really does enhance the room and make your Golf Simulator stand out that little bit more. Our air cooled PC cabinet keeps the high spec Pc at the correct temperature and can also house games consoles, and tv devices.

Finally a full Sonos system was implemented. The sound from this really is quite impressive. It acts so well as a home cinema system without getting too carried away. Many customers do already have sonos devices so its great to implement a system that they are already familiar with.

Overall a fantastic looking setup. Getting to play indoor golf on this type of Uneekor system makes for a very realistic golf simulator.

Widescreen Golf simulator