DIY SQ Golf Simulator Impact Screen Trim Kit


Please Note: This trim kit is designed to attach to our SQ Impact Screens. It will not be sold without an SQ Custom Impact Screen

The DIY SQ Impact screen includes:

Angle Iron to screw to walls and ceiling
Floor eye plates
Bungees/cable ties
Padded surround trims to border the screen and cover bungees
Simply order your SQ custom screen in the width you need and add this pack to create a great looking screen.

We will contact you on order to obtain exact dimensions

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Please Note: The angle iron does not come pre cut to your room dimensions. We supply enough angle iron to cover what you will need in either 2m or 3m strips. You’ll also need to supply your own fixings to fix the angle iron/eye plates to the walls/ceiling.

Note trim kit price based on room size up to 4.5m wide x 3m high. For bigger sizes please contact us for a quote. *Video for illustration purposes only to show how a finished screen with the right additional components can look


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