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We provide custom-built golf simulators for homeowners and commercial organisations in Windsor, Eton, or the nearby areas

Are you looking for golf club tracking systems, launch monitors for golf, or golf game simulation software? At Golf Tech Systems, we specialise in the design and build of personalised golf simulator systems tailored to your unique preferences.

Our expertise extends to designing and installing versatile golf simulator rooms, catering to the diverse needs of the entire family or commercial organisations. Whether envisaging a dual-purpose cinema room, a gaming haven for the kids, or a multipurpose space, we excel in designing and constructing incredible spaces that allow you to practise your golf, whatever the weather outside.

Under the leadership of Steve, our team of golf simulator specialists provides and installs golf simulators from leading manufacturers, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to enhance your competitive skills and offer entertainment. With new products being released all the time, our team remains on top of the cutting-edge developments in the industry, so that we can offer our customers the best products.

Explore our comprehensive range featuring systems from top-tier manufacturers like Trackman, Huxley Golf, FlightScope, Skytrak, Par2Pro, and Uneekor. Refer to our FAQs for common queries.

Visit our showroom to schedule a complimentary demonstration. Our knowledgeable team can showcase the functionality of various equipment and chat about what you are looking for.

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Golf trackers & enclosures for Windsor homes and clubs

Eton golf game simulation software

Are you ready to improve your golf game? A golf simulator comprises software and a device replicating a real golf round or practice session, providing a golf video game experience using genuine clubs and golf balls.

A typical home set-up includes a computer and possibly a projector, with shots directed towards an impact screen or net. The simulator monitors your swing and ball trajectory, offering feedback on the virtual path and potential landing spot on a real golf course. Some simulator software allows you to play famous virtual courses worldwide.

We can provide all the equipment and drawings for DIY installation or a complete supply and fit service.

If you do not have space within your home, we work with Scott’s of Reading, who can create garden golf rooms or outdoor rooms that can house golf simulator equipment and a home office, art studio, gym, or cinema room.

We are really proud of our reputation. One client commented: “Lovely set up. Steve was very welcoming, listened to our needs and talked us through everything  important. Showed us the unit we wanted to test and let us play around and experiment with shots and clubs. We left feeling confident in the system we need and look forward to purchasing.”

Measure your golf shot with golf tracking devices in Windsor, SL4

Located in the royal county of Berkshire, Windsor sits on the banks of the River Thames, offering a picturesque setting with its historic architecture and beautiful landscapes. Its prime location, just west of London, makes it a sought-after destination for both residents and visitors. Windsor boasts several renowned golf courses, including Wentworth Golf Club in Virginia Water, Sunningdale Golf Club and Ascot and The Berkshire Golf Club in Ascot.

Golf club tracking systems can deliver highly precise and extensive insights into various facets of the golf swing and ball trajectory. Please check out our videos to see some of the equipment in action.

Please see the installation of an upgrade to the golf simulator at Woburn Golf Club.

Indoor golf launch monitor set-up in Windsor

Providing crucial details like shot direction, launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed, golf launch monitors deliver essential insights into your golf shots.

This detailed data empowers golfers, coaches, and club fitters to analyse and enhance performance by pinpointing areas for improvement and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Operating without brand affiliations allows us the flexibility to tailor optimal systems based on your specific requirements.

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Golf launch monitors installed in Windsor

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