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Confused with all the different systems? Here at Golf Tech we stock all the leading Tracking Devices under one roof and build your Golf Simulator from the ground up! That means you specify the components for your Golf Simulator and not us! If you're just looking for DIY Components then visit our Online Shop for a vast selection of DIY items.

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    We break Golf Simulators down into Component form. This means you specify the total system and not us

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    With the leading devices under one roof, we make sure you get the right system for your needs

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    At our Oxfordshire Showroom you can test the systems to be 100% sure of your investment


    A small device that packs a good punch. The Garmin R10 is ideal if you want an entry level device with good features. Ideal to use in basic form with an IOS device


    Flightscope devices primarilly use radar technology to track your shots. The mevo+ allows for right/left handed play at an entry level price point


    SkyTrak uses camera technology to track the golf ball. A very popular device for entry level simulation and integrates with several software options


    Uneekor is certainly the hot product in the Sim world at the moment. Ball/Club tracking with video replays of impact and open to multiple software makes Uneekor a popular choice


    Foresight uses camera technology for tracking. Used by many PGA Pro's in the UK it offers good coaching and club fitting solutions with the ability for indoor/outdoor use


    Trackman rarely needs an introduction. Used by many Leading Tour Professionals, Trackman combines Radar and Camera technology to give fantastic shot feedback


    Renowned for their Premium Putting turf and a partner of the PGA, Huxley Golf install all of our fitted turf solutions for our Simulators.

  • RedDoor IT

    RedDoor IT provide our Pc's and pre configure them with all purchased software. They also provide Support Contracts to our customers which is an important factor to your Golf Simulator purchase.

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Understand the systems more by booking a demonstration at our Oxfordshire Showroom. All the leading Tracking brands under one roof means with just one appointment we'll be able to clarify the correct device for you. Once you've chosen your specific components we will then email you a full line item quote