Its been a very busy couple of months at Golf Tech and with a mix in the summer weather there’s certainly been many golfers that have proceeded with purchasing a Golf simulator or progressing with a new building ready for the winter months.

However we’ve been busy too and we’ve been working hard by looking at way to enhance your Golf Simulator. Now one of the areas that often gets overlooked when building a golf simulator is where to house the pc and other components like gaming consoles, tv receivers like Sky Q, network ports etc. That’s an area that we always want to have a good solution for, because its the attention to detail when building a golf simulator that is really important to us. We are strong believers in making things minimalist in the design and many customers really like that too.

So there are two real solutions when we design a golf simulator whether its skytrak, uneekor, foresight or trackman and that’s what to do with the pc etc. Now if the room has some type of storage cupboard close by then we will try and utilise that to hide the components you don’t want to see. However if that’s not an option and they need to be in the room, then we always use one of our cupboards/workstations to house those components. Now they’re not the easiest of units to source because ideally you want to put at least the keyboard and mouse on top  to use as a working height desk, but in many scenarios the navigation touchscreen for the golf simulator can also sit here. The problem being is most units are either too low or too high.

Once you find a cabinet then its all about build quality. Many are flat packed and have the flimsy back panel which will work, but we really wanted to find something higher quality with a solid back panel. The solid back panel allows you to screw any devices to the back wall if you so wish, to utilise the space and tidy up the layout.

Enter the new Golf Tech Pc cabinet……..

With a perfect working height and not too wide its sits well on the side of any golfbay. Its grey colour blends with most modern décor and lockable front doors means its ideal for commercial GolfBays or residential golf simulators.

We have then tackled the next problem which comes with a solid, well built cabinet……how to keep the components cooled? We have inserted a long ventilation grill into the internal shelf along with a double triple fan system with digital control panel. The idea being the bottom set of fans pull air from the room into the cabinet and the top set of fans draw the air back out. The system we are pleased to say works really well and there are several different modes that you can set along with temperature range. We like the smart mode which means the fan system only kicks in when the temperature reaches its upper set limit. More importantly these fans are super quiet because the last thing you want is it sounding like a portable AC unit when its operating. To be honest we even have to physically look at the fans sometimes just to see if the fans are spinning as its that quiet a system.

Now these cabinets aren’t cheap especially with the high spec digital fan system, however they are considerably cheaper than traditional server racks etc that are on the market and we feel this looks much more fitting in a golf simulator room or commercial Golfbay. There’s a good amount of work that goes into these cabinets to insert the fan system into the cabinet and we are super happy with the end result.

We send these units out flat packed with the fan and vent system already installed in the side panel/inner shelf so you simply need to follow the instructions to construct the cabinet. This helps to keep the shipping cost down considerably. If you’re having a fully installed golf simulator package from us then this is pre built for when our second fix is completed. Alternatively you can collect one from our Oxfordshire Showroom fully assembled.

For more information see the video below or click here to visit our online store to purchase.

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