Golf Simulator Premium Faux Leather Wall/ceiling custom Size


Standard Size: 1150 x 1000mm

Custom Size: Up to a maximum of 1150 x 1000mm. We’ll contact you on order to confirm your required dimensions.

Colour: Black is standard but other colours available on request.

Price includes FREE UK mainland shipping

The perfect wall and ceiling panel for your Golf Simulator!

Our faux leather wall and ceiling panels are the perfect solution for a fitted Golf Simulator room. We have spent time and money to combine the perfect materials to make this panel the best it can be.

Outer Fabric:

The faux leather material looks great and takes an impact of a ball really well. The panels are black in colour and the feel is very high quality to make your room look luxurious. More importantly and a big factor that gets overlooked for wall panel material is the rub count. Rub count is how the manufacturers test their material for wear. Due to the nature of the use of these panels its imperative that the material is robust with a high rub count. This faux leather material has a rub count of 300,000.

Fire Retardant:

Both the foam and also the faux leather outer fabric are fire retardant. Again another very important feature and one that gets overlooked.

9mm MDF Board:

The foundation to any good panel is the board its on. 9mm mdf makes for a robust panel and its important that when a golf ball strikes, the panel is strong enough to take that impact.

Optional Button Fix:

The optional button fix clips that we sell are perfect to add to your panel. They are simple to screw to the panel and with the optional marker pack make installing your panels a breeze. They are easy to also then remove if needed.