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Golf Tech Systems is dedicated to bringing customers across the UK with the best golf simulation equipment designed to their needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering the right solutions for every customer, with products from the top names in golf simulation, including Par2Pro, Trackman, Uneekor, FlightScope, Skytrak, and Huxley Golf. We only offer products that we know, trust, and really rate!

Our golf simulators offer a way to escape the daily grind and provide an immersive golfing experience within the comforts of your home, creating fun moments with family and friends or simply improving your game.

One of the biggest advantages of our golf simulators is that they provide the flexibility to indulge in your hobby irrespective of external weather conditions. Whatever type of system you are after, our team has the expertise to design a ready-to-use golf simulation solution.

Our company launched in 2011, and since then, founder Steve Webb and the team have remained at the forefront of advancing technology in this space. We constantly search for the newest products and devices to provide our customers with the most up-to-date components.

Prospective customers are welcome to book a demo at our Oxfordshire showroom, where we can show you some of the technology in action and spend some time going through the optimal solutions for your needs.

Please also see our FAQs for answers to common questions and our videos showing some of the software.

Book your no-obligation appointment now by calling 01865 582 699.

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Golf trackers & enclosures for UK homes and clubs

Improve your game with a golf simulator nationwide

While it is an age-old saying, its truth remains undeniable. Generally speaking, the more you engage in a particular activity, the more proficient you become; golf is no exception.

Why is practising your golf swing so important? Success in golf lies in engraining shots into second nature, making them instinctive on the course.

Using a golf simulator for practice instils confidence in your club swings because repetitively hitting the same shot at home allows you to replicate it seamlessly on the course.

With a golf simulator, you have the freedom to practice whenever and for as long as you desire without the time constraints inherent in a traditional course. You can also say goodbye to weather-related challenges and the hours spent crossing the course for practice. All of this can be achieved conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Many golf simulators will also feature different weather functions, so you can practise golf if it is windy or raining outside.

Common locations within homes for simulators include garages, basements and spare rooms. We also work closely with Scott's of Reading, who create garden buildings for golf simulators or other purposes. We can also offer CAD drawings and clear instructions for a DIY golf simulator installation if you choose.

Golf tracking devices from top names in UK

Use a golf tracking device to improve your game. Whatever your space or budget, our team will aim to provide the right solution.

Our team has become the go-to specialists for all types of golf simulators. One customer said:

Just finished building my garden room simulator. Steve and Neil at Golf Tech Systems provided me with DIY drawings, a Sonos system, SQ screen with trim kit and upholstered wall panels. Steve and Neil were very knowledgeable and provided an excellent service from first contact to delivery.

Golf launch monitors in the UK

At the heart of golf simulators are launch monitors. These are pivotal in measuring golf club data and various parameters upon ball impact. The utilisation of high-quality launch monitors significantly enhances the accuracy of gathered data, resulting in a more lifelike golfing experience.

A launch monitor collects crucial information regarding ball performance, encompassing metrics such as clubhead speed, launch angle, ball speed, swing rate, spin rate, carry distance, and more.

Ultimately, these launch monitor metrics serve as valuable tools for players, aiding in the refinement of adjustments, form, and angles.

Golf launch monitors installed in UK

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