So sadly it looks like the summer sun has made its last appearance and the winter weather is about to set in. Now is the time to start thinking about indoor golf and a golf simulator for your home or business, however don’t leave it too long as components take their time to order and you want to be playing for Christmas.

Also there has been the introduction of new tracking devices with new features and price points. Lets take a look at some of the new devices that are available to test in our Oxfordshire Showroom:

Trackman iO

So the market has wondered when a Trackman 5 would make an appearance has Trackman 4 (TM4) has been around for a while now. Well Trackman 5 didn’t appear but Trackman have opted for a new indoor system, named Trackman io. Io stands for Indoor Optimised and the system is ceiling mounted in front of ball position. The technology is both radar and camera and this device does have positive and negatives over the TM4. On the positive side you don’t need Titleist RCT golf balls and no need for a Trackman specific light to aid in tracking/impact location. You also gain from a video of the club moving through impact which is a really nice touch. Speed for tracking is improved and shot tracer lines take a more natural shape as the system can process spin faster. The slight downside of the system is it does lack some club data that Trackman 4 can see and some may feel vulnerable to an expensive system in possible ball strike location. There is more news to come from Trackman on the warranty for accidental ball strikes and they are working on getting the additional club data to the system. If you don’t need portability and are willing to be patient for updates this could be the Trackman device for you.

ProTee VX

An interesting ceiling mounted golf launch monitor that requires no stickers on golf clubs for club data and no marked balls. The system uses Ai for club data detection and our initial testing has been very positive. It shows great feedback in their own software especially video playback of strike. ProTee VX also integrates with third party Golf simulation software which includes GSPro, E6 Connect, TGC19 and Creative Golf. There is a very simple support button within their software so you can send feedback if you encounter any issues. The significant point to this system is the club data will improve with the more shots that are hit because of how the Ai works. So think of it as device that will continue to evolve day by day. Some may say that’s it better to have a device out of the box that’s perfect but we’re convinced that many will except any early discrepancies because of the way it will continue to grow. If you’re looking for a system that can accommodate left/right handed golfers, integrates with 3rd party software at a great price price point compared to Foresight, Trackman and Uneekor, then the ProTee VX Launch Monitor might just be the right device for you.

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