So as many of you know Uneekor devices since launch as always had a different pricing structure and support infrastructure compared to the American market. This has caused frustration for UK customers and resellers alike with only ourselves selling and supporting the product.

As we have discussed on many occasions the pricing issue would come from the infrastructure for how devices land in the UK. The units for UK would be ordered through the European distributor. This meant Europe would buy from Korea at an agreed wholesale price and one exchange rate process to purchase. Shipping and insurance is then paid to get the units to Europe and import duty is then paid. Golf Tech then purchase from Europe at an agreed wholesale price and another exchange rate change takes place. Shipping and insurance is then paid along with import duty again to get into the UK (thank brexit) and that’s why the pricing is so different.

Well good news for the UK as Uneekor have now decided to deal with UK resellers directly which means we are now cutting out these costs that the old infrastructure produced and devices will come straight to the UK from Korea HQ. (maybe thank Brexit)

Expect to see some fluctuation with online pricing whilst the true cost to resellers is understood with stock arriving directly with the costs involved. I know from our point of view we are urging Uneekor to house stock themselves in the UK to make pricing more stable and lead times much faster. Hopefully they will do this in due course.

Another positive is that support and licencing is now being handed directly by Uneekor in America for UK customers. So that means all support enquiries are now directly done through the launcher or by emailing Remote support sessions can also be booked through their booking system. Licences can also be brought directly through the launcher which will again be more affordable and save the process time for a licence to be implemented.

Overall this should be a positive step for Uneekor and UK resellers which in turn should make UK customers much happier with the Uneekor infrastructure.

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