It’s been a busy week at Golf Tech systems with lots of enquiries for Golf simulators and lots of DIY customers looking for a Golf simulator Impact screen for their own project. So much so that we are now taking orders for screens for fabrication in March, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a Golf Impact screen we recommend to get your order in quickly.

Uneekor Eye Mini Lite

So onto the bigger news this week and lets start with Uneekor Eye Mini Lite. It has now been confirmed that we have a uk promo price of £3350 until the 19th February with price then increasing to £3650. The unit will be available in black only (white expected to come later in the year) and units will start to ship from mid April on a first come, first served basis.

The uneekor Eye Mini Lite differs from the Uneekor Eye mini with the following features. It requires a permanent power source (no internal battery) and it also requires a permanent ethernet connection to pc. Finally the Eye mini lite does not have a built in screen so data will need to be seen using Uneekors View Software. The Uneekor Eye mini lite will not work with ipad.

So effectively the Uneekor Eye Mini lite is designed for Golf Simulator users that are looking for a tracking device that will be permanently connected to your pc to use as part of your golf Simulator. If you’re looking for a portable device that you could use at the practice ground or driving range then you’ll need to go for the Eye mini device.

Initial feedback has been very positive and this is a great unit for its price point to get sim users into uneekor tracking.

Trackman Online Play – Beta Only

As part of the trackman beta program,  testers this week were given the latest beta version of TPS software to test. The main feature of this latest beta software is online play. A feature that has circled around on other golf simulator software, Trackman are now looking at a way for its users to interact with other friends around the world.

Initially it appears in this beta that you can only play online with friends that you know by finding them as friends either by name or email address. We expect that in the future trackman will introduce some type of lobby where you can find players you’re not connected with but are just looking to play a round against each other.

This is a fantastic step forward for the Trackman community and just another reason why so many customers opt for trackman devices, You can find our initial video on online play by clicking here. Subscribe to our youtube channel to see more updates on everything golf simulator related.

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