So we thought we’d do a write up on Golf simulator screens, specifically our Ultra Golf impact screen material. Since we introduced the ultra material in summer of 2023 it has been a massive hit with customers. We spend a lot of time testing lots of different impact screen materials but we wanted more. We hunted about for a specific material that fitted our full criteria and it took quite the time to find someone that could produce it.

Well we got there and in the summer of 2023 we launched our GTS Ultra Impact Screen. Because we also stock Par2Pro SQ material and to us this is where the bar is set, we were super critical on how this material could stack up. To be honest and its quite the statement, we believe the Ultra material is actually better. Whilst all the usual criteria matches the SQ on point there is one significant difference which really stands out. And that is what happens to whites on your projected image. Quite simply whites are whiter! This stands our significantly when you’re looking at any text on the screen. So for instance if you’re using GSPRO Golf Simulator software you’ll notice the text boxes with your club and ball data just stand out much brighter.

Now this carries across all aspects of the projected image and this is where its quite significant. If you’re in the position that you cant stretch to a really high lumen projector you might just find that the ultra golf impact screen is the right one for you. This material just helps improve the brightness of the image and for that reason its proven super popular with DIY golf simulator users. Add to that, we can make your custom screen in 7 -10 days means you can have a screen with a trim kit to fit your room perfectly, within a week.

Now we’ve seen and tested the ultra against even more expensive materials on the market. And quite honestly save your money. We can see no benefit to spending any more money than what the ultra golf screen offers. Of course we’ll be told we’re biased but until someone can prove why you should spend more, trust us, save that money and put it towards your launch monitor or better projector.

We’ve tested the ultra impact screen material using various golf simulator devices from Foresight sports, Trackman, Uneekor, Protee and skytrak along with software from Gspro, E6 Connect and TGC19. All of them look mighty on the ultra screen and it goes to show why with the amount of purchases we’ve seen with both residential and commercial golf simulator customers.

For more information on the ultra golf simulator screen visit our online store by clicking here.


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