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The Elite Golf Simulator Enclosure with Premium Padded Walls

The Elite Golf Simulator Enclosure with Premium Padded Walls

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The Elite Enclosure is made of premium quality components. Black, Padded wall panels give the Elite Enclosure a premium finish that is not found on other Enclosures at this price point.

The material roof panel with hanging baffle are perfect to contain flop shots and the aluminum frame makes the Elite Enclosure easy to assemble and move into position.

Take a look at some of the key point below: 

  • Dimensions 
    • Mid Size Enclosure  = 402 x 276 x 150 cm (Enclosure needs to sit 40cm from rear wall.
  • Aluminum profiles in 60x60mm
    • Anodized frame construction 
  • Soft protection on the top and side wall
    • Premium Black padded side walls.
    • Material roof to catch flop shots
    • Hanging baffle to stop the ball spinning back 
  • Double Layer Impact Screen System  
    • Kills the ball quickly
    • Holds a fantastic image for your chosen simulator software
  • Outer wall side material (optional)
  • The outside walls of the enclosure can have the optional material to cover the back of the wall panels. This option is recommend if the enclosure is not fitting snug inside your room.
  • Easy DIY 
  • The Enclosure will arrive on a pallet with full instructions and is easy to self assemble 

Lead time currently 4 weeks from order.

Pictures for illustration purposes and product maybe different size or may not include all items shown

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