Golf Simulator Faux Leather Foam Tiles

£295.00 Inc VAT

Size: 500 x 500mm – Pack includes 8 tiles

These tiles are made from high quality foam and are covered in a luxurious faux leather with a real leather look and feel. They have a big advantage over standard acoustic foam tiles as those tiles tend to split on impact. By adding the faux leather these panels have much better durability and look better too. 

They can also be cut with a sharp knife to make them fit your room.

They are mounted using heavy duty contact spray adhesive and cartridge adhesive on walls and ceilings.

These are fire retardant and suitable for use in the most demanding spaces.

Lead time up to 7 working days.


  • More durable than foam tiles
  • Look better aesthetically than foam tiles
  • Can be cut to shape
  • More affordable than custom upholstered wall panels


  • Harder to remove/replace – Will leave glue residue and partial foam on walls/ceiling when trying to remove
  • Custom sizes not available
  • Take longer to mount than upholstered wall panels


£295.00 Inc VAT