This was a great project for us. The client had a large barn and had built himself a room internally in the barn to house the simulator. A demo at our Oxfordshire showroom confirmed that Uneekor Eye Xo was the correct tracking device for his Golf simulator. We then looked at the individual components to complete the build. A custom Elite Enclosure with off centre hitting, Elite side wings, laser projector, full Sonos system, swing cameras, Pc package and additional tv screen made for a beautiful setup.

The beauty of this build was we had access to the roof of the room but still within the barn which made running the cables across to their needed positions more straightforward and down the internal walls.

Succeed software and TGC19 was added and now the client has also added GSPro software. View software is normally running on the face on tv for club data or swing analysis using the Swing Optics cameras. Face on camera was mounted under the TV whilst the rear camera is positioned on a tripod for flexibility for down the line or a slight angled view.

The client also had some beautiful wall art put in to compliment the room. We added Netflix and Amazon Prime to the desktop so the system could then be used to watch tv and films. This is where the sonos system really brings this big screen alive.

Overall a fantastic looking room with air conditoning for this wonderful client will hopefully see an improvement to his game and a cracking room to watch some films.