Bradmoor Farm an indoor sports facility based in Thame, Oxfordshire approached us as they were looking for a Golf Simulator to add to their impressive venue. Bradmoor has an impressive array of darts boards and pool tables along with drinks and food which makes Bradmoor Farm the ideal venue for some indoor sport.

We had a specific area that we were able to install the Golf Simulator. We opted for a custom Elite Black Series enclosure with floor system that was an impressive 5 metres in width and 3.2 metres in height. The enclosure also comes out 3 metres in depth to allow a safe environment  for players to use. We added our Ultra Impact screen as a tear off screen on top of the standard elite screen. This allows for a very quick solution once the screen needs to be replaced, which is paramount in an indoor hire facility that cannot afford any down time.

Trackman 4 was the device of choice. With many golfers coming in to play it was paramount that a trusted brand for accuracy along with software that was easy to navigate was crucial for this client. With the Trackman mobile app sign in system that Trackman incorporates, it allows the customers to analyse their data when home. This encourages the hirer to repeat book the system and exactly what a commercial facility for a golf simulator is looking for.

A rear counter bar was built to house the trackman 4 and the pc. The pc is locked in a cupboard so cant be tampered with. It also has cooling fans on the cupboard to make sure the pc is kept at the correct temperature and wont overheat. The trackman 4 is also inside our Trackman safety box and that in turn is locked to the bar so it cannot be stolen.

A 24 inch touchscreen was added to the bar top for navigation. We then added a bigger screen to be flushed into the wall. This screen was to show the golfer club data on the extended screen.

To take things further the simulator is behind a wall that separates it away from the main hall. We decided it would be a great feature to send the software to a large screen in the main hall so customers could see the Trackman software in action. This for a hire venue is crucial as awareness of the simulator being used encourages other customers to then book in and hire.

Overall a fantastic facility and we believe a great starting point for their first Golf simulator!

trackman golf simulator