This was a fabulous Golf Simulator project to be involved with and it all came down to getting the design correct and the astehetics to get a continual flow in the building to the Golf Simulator room.

So the client had a double garage that was going to be utilised for the Golf Simulator. Above the garage was a room with a vaulted ceiling which was unused. So because the garage ceiling was low the idea was to take the room above out to give maximum height. The rear of the room had a double door to enter the garage. With the client on site we discussed the idea of opening up the rear of the room as there was a games room with table tennis. The idea was to implement a bar which was a great way to open the two rooms up, but also gives friends a place to sit for both activities.

We then did a cad sketch of how we envisaged the room, see below. Because of the door way upstairs into the now removed bedroom we decided on boxing that up into a cupboard and then position the projector in that cupboard with the lens poking through into the Golf simulator Room. A great way to hide the projector!

Finally the customer was very keen on our new automation system. This allows you to simply changes modes of the golf simulator into the following.

1) Golf Sim Tech: Tech mode uses all screens for golf/data. Course software on the projected screen with club data/swing analysis on the side mounted 55″ screen.

2) TV Mode: Tv mode which changes the side screen to watching tv whilst playing golf on the projected screen. A great way to watch a football match whilst playing your favourite course.

3) Cinema Mode: This turns off the side screen and puts the TV on the projected screen.

4) Presentation Mode: Plug any device into the hdmi slot on the bar and that content will appear on the projected screen.

Note, along with the different modes we set the room lighting to change accordingly. We specifically loved how the strip lighting worked on the ceiling beams and the bar, along with at the base of our upholstered panels in the bay area.

The automation system also allows you to play any music and also has a built in integration of Spotify. Now for the clever bit. This Golf simulator was housed in an external barn to the clients house. So our automation system also integrates with a door lock keypad system. So when the customer enters the barn there are two options:

1) Enter a 4 digit passcode which unlocks the door

2) Enter a 5 digit passcode and not only will it unlock the door, but it will also automatically turn on the Golf simulator and all the devices/screens. So once you get to the golf simulator room everything is on and ready to play.

You will find the usual Golf Simulator tech in this room. Uneekor eye Xo imbedded into the ceiling for a flush look with our upholstered panels. We also have the swing optics cameras. One under the 55″ screen and the rear camera is flushed inside the bar for that clean look.

Overall a hugely impressive Custom Golf Simulator with so many features and one that is top of our list! The video below will give you a great walkthrough and see the functionality of the automation system.