So here at Golf Tech Systems we get asked many questions about golf simulators and how to build them. More and more customers like to either get fully hands on with their own Golf simulator build or prefer DIY if trying to keep an eye on the budget. Afterall we prefer customers to make sure they get exactly the correct tracking system whether it be Trackman, Foresight, Uneekor, Protee or Skytrak and the correct components for their build. Ultimately if the budget is tight then installation is a big factor and one that many may look to go the DIY route on.

The problem with building a Golf Simulator with no prior knowledge is that mistakes can and probably will happen. Now granted there are many resources online with youtube and facebook groups with many giving varied advice on the best way to build your own DIY Golf Simulator. The problem here is many of them have only built one Golf simulator, which is their own. So taking advice from a person with experience of one build could be quite naïve and leave yourself open for many issues, which ultimately means wasted money on mistakes.

Here at Golf Tech Systems we offer two levels of DIY CAD Consultancy which means you get all of our expertise and knowledge of building a DIY Golf Simulator but importantly this is custom to your specification and your room layout.

We start the process by either a phone call or an appointment at our Oxfordshire Showroom. We much prefer clients to come to our showroom ( book by clicking here)  because that way they can get hands on with all components of the Golf Simulator. Many customers actually change their mind on the components once in the showroom and that can be massive for the end result and also the budget whether higher or lower. We always want our customers to get the correct Golf Simulator Components first time and not be disappointed once they’ve installed and wishing they’d gone a different route.

So what are the two different tier options for DIY Cad Consultancy? Its very simple. Tier one is when you buy all the components from us to complete your DIY Golf Simulator. Tier 2 is where you buy some or even no components from us. Of course we prefer our customers to be on tier one but we also appreciate some deals can be out there that we can’t compete with. Recently a customer brought a Foresight GC3 on the Next junior program which as a reseller we cant offer. But still wanted our expertise and other components to build their Golf simulator. This was a good saving for the customer and one which we fully understood.

Once we have established the components being brought/used we can then put them into a CAD layout in your own room dimensions. So this will include all the relevant positions for those components specific to your room layout. We will then complete an electric cad layout which is ideal to pass to your electrician so they can simply install all relevant power points with no complications. Finally a cable run layout so either you or your electrician can install without any problem. We do supply cable packs with each end of the cables clearly labelled, relevant to the cad drawing so if you go this route you’re getting our tried and tested cables and know exactly where to install them.

The DIY CAD consultancy is proving popular for our overseas clients too, so not just limited to customers looking for a UK DIY Golf Simulator. Those clients love the fact we can openly discuss all components of the build and to reassure them that their research and thought process is justified. We even have international resellers that we work with that will offer better deals on our referral. The only items we don’t cover in our CAD consultancy are a 3d render of the Golf Simulator or a lighting layout. We have many previous project images/videos that we send to giver a visual representation without having to charge more for 3D cad renders. We happily discuss lighting with our clients and many will then relay our comments back to their electrician for them to install and supply.

So if you’re looking at building your own DIY Golf Simulator but worried about getting it right, then don’t. Our DIY CAD consultancy service takes all the worry out of your project.


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