A truly inspired installation in this barn outbuilding. The customer was looking for a short term solution to have a simulator whilst a more permanent outbuilding is looking to be built. The space available was on a landing area. Although it was a big landing area the customer needed the ability for right/left handers.

However the only viable place for the screen was between the two bedroom doors and this wouldn’t allow enough width for a standard depth enclosure. It would mean with a central ball position the upright posts of the enclosure would easily be vulnerable to hit. Therefore the client had to sign off on a shallow enclosure.

We made the enclosure fit perfectly to the space and added a couple of brace bars to the rear wall just to be 100% sure of no movement from such a shallow frame. Thick floor turf and a truestrike academy mat with a couple of extra stance panels made were a great solution for this temporary space.

We then added a trackman spotlight to aid in impact location data, along with a laser projector. A laptop was chosen because the customer already had one that was sufficient. We then neatly trunked with d line against the rear sides of the beams and this temporary trackman build was complete.