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Uneekor Eye Xo 2 Tracking Device

Uneekor Eye Xo 2 Tracking Device

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Uneekor Software

Lead TIme: 3 - 5 Weeks

SPECIAL OFFER: Currently when you purchase an Eye Xo Device you will receive the following for free:

  • Remote installation of view software & calibration of the device
  • One month of Golf Tech Tier 3 Support*


The Uneekor EYE XO2 is the newest overhead launch monitor utilizing 3 high-speed cameras. Experience a hitting zone twice the size of our EYE XO, with the ability to include our rough and bunker hitting inserts 

Hitting zone is 28"x21" 

Redefine the Way you Play Courses at Home 

  • Uses an all-terrain hitting mat, simulating real course conditions in a rough and bunker environment 
  • Increased hitting zone measured by the EYE XO2, allows for a more seamless transition between left- and right-handed players 
  • Near instant-response time for live ball and club data, as well as live feedback of your shot on the hitting screen 
  • EYE XO2 provides flawless connectivity to 3rd party golf software (GS Pro, TGC 2019, E6, and more) 


EYE XO2 Measures 

  • Ball Data: Ball Speed, Side & Back Spin, Side Angle & Total, Launch Angle, Angle of Descent/Land Angle, Flight Time, Distance to Apex, Carry, Run and Total Distance 
  • Club Data*: Club Speed, Dynamic Loft, Angle of Attack, Smash Factor, Club Path, Club Face Angle, Club Face to Path, Club Lie Angle, Club Loft Angle, Impact Point Vertical, Impact Point Horizontal  

*EYE XO2 Club Stickers Required 


What’s Included

  • EYE XO2 Launch Monitor 
  • Mounting Bracket with Level 
  • View Software 
  • Calibration Chart 
  • 11ft Power Cable, Adapter, and Connector 
  • USB Ethernet Adapter w/ CAT6 Ethernet LAN Cable 
  • (400) EYE XO2 Club Stickers 
  • (10) M4 32mm Screws and (10) M6 15mm Screws 
  • (4) M6 15mm High Screws and (4) Low Screws 


Space Requirements: 


Without Bracket: 36.3" L × 5.9" W × 2.5" H  

With Bracket: 36.3" L × 5.9" W × 4.3” H 

Hitting Zone: 28" W × 21" L 

*Fixed Hitting Zone* 


Minimum PC Specs 

* PC Sold Separately 

** AMD: 3rd gen Ryzen or higher and AMD Ryzen 3600X or higher (AMD 2700 is not compatible) 

*** Not compatible with MacOS 

Intel i5 8400 

8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM for Swing Optix) 

GeForce GTX 1060** 

Windows 10 (64 bit) Version 1803 or higher*** 

Integrated ethernet port required 

Please note that specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*Please see our support page for more information on Golf Tech Remote support before you purchase. Support for Uneekor Devices is available through or through the relative facebook group pages if you do not take out a Golf Tech Support Contract

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