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Sonos multi device sound system set up

Sonos multi device sound system set up

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We can now provide a Sonos set up which can switch through your devices when you are wanting to use your simulator as a cinema / games console or even to play your music. 

We have spent a lot of time investing in the right set up to enable the sonos to work with multi devices, this has now been tested in our demo centre and can offer this as a package. On purchase we will supply you with a suitable layout drawing and instructions so you can then install this to the correct requirement. 

In the package it will include the following 

  • 1 Sonos ARC 
  • 1 Sonos SUB 
  • 2x Sonos one SL 
  • Arc ceiling brackets ( worked out to suit a simulator bay)
  • Sub wall mounting bracket 
  • Play 1's wall brackets 
  • Relevant cables to set up a 5 meter room with Sonos
  • HDMI Controlboxes (5 devices set up)
  • HDMI Splitter 


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