Golf Simulator Electric Impact Screen



The new stealth screen is a perfect system for home users and driving range studio bays. With the touch of a button the screen drops down from the ceiling with hardly a noise. You then latch a bungee in each corner to ground/wall eyelets and you’re ready to go. Ideal for use where you need access like over garage doors or in driving range studio bays.

The stealth screen comes with the SQ Impact Screen material which is attached to the backing material with velcro. This allows for easy future replacements of the impact screen.

The stealth screen is also very quick and easy to put together. The mounting plates screw to the ceiling, attach the roller to the brackets and then velcro the backing screen material and impact screen on and you’re ready to go.

The stealth screen is available up to 18′ wide. The screen drop is up to 130″ with 111″ of impact screen drop. However, you can stop the screen at any height which makes it very versatile. Just push the stop button when the screen reaches the floor, latch the two bungees and hit away. You can also programme the remote so it’ll drop and raise the screen to your desired height.

Please note: The sizes listed are the projectable width of the screen and not external dimensions. Please contact us with your room dimensions prior to ordering so we can confirm the correct size.


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