This was a cracking project to be involved with. The room started off as a swimming the pool and the clients were looking for a way to remodel as a Golf Simulator/Cinema Room/Gym area. The plan was for the swimming pool to be boarded over so it remained in situ if it was ever to be reused. A dividing stud wall was then positioned so the total room could be split into the gym and golf sim/cinema.

Because of the roof shape an Elite black series enclosure with wing kit and floor system was the right choice. Uneekor Eye Xo on a drop down mount was optimal for the clients for data and playing courses. Additional swing optics cameras and a 55″ touchscreen to show the uneekor view software was chosen. 6200 lumen laser projector was installed for a great image.

We then also installed a sonos arc, sub and two rear plays to create an amazing audio system. We connected in a Sky Q multiroom receiver and this is also split to the 55″ touchscreen. This allows the client to play golf on the big screen and watch sky tv or view club data on the 55″ screen. Then when they want to watch a movie or sporting event they can watch that on the projected screen and enjoy the full audio from the Sonos system.

Gspro, Refine+ and view software also gives this client a great selection of software to play and improve their game!