This was a great setup in a undisclosed location that will be used by multiple personnel. The brief was to create a system that would useable for all abilities from single figures to beginners.

The room had a false ceiling and the plan was that an enclosure system where the ceiling tiles could be removed for the simulator area was the best way without completely remodelling the roof. Once the simulator was installed then the clients would box the roof area back in to make it look complete. Our photo shows completion from our side, for the roof then to be completed.

The Elite black series with floor system and wing kit was the perfect system for this room. Uneekor Eye Xo on a drop down mount would work perfectly for all abilities and right/left handers. At 5 metres wide by 3.2m high it is a huge screen and looks amazing when entering the room. We positioned our workstation with navigation touchscreen to the rear and then positioned a 55″ touchscreen on the rear wall which can be angled to the player. The 55″ touchscreen is for view software to run simultaneously with third party software.

E6 software was opted for purely because of the environment and this allows the users to create profiles and also the facility to create their own tournaments using the E6 clubhouse feature. Swing optics were also positioned for swing analysis.

A cracking setup and is receiving great praise from the clients!