Another Great Project building this Golf simulator for our client, this project was really thought out to the very final detail. I think everyone can see what an exceptional finish it now has. The client wanted to use this room for dual purpose, mainly as a golf sim but also multi function use for entertainment with friends.

We installed Eye Xo with swing optix camera’s for the golf tech. swing analysis camera’s sat under the coffee table and just below the 55″ touch screen monitor making them very discreet. 23.8″ touch screen for navigation sitting on a swivel bracket to the side and the pc hidden inside a bespoke pc cabinet. Sound system installed was sonos arc, play 1’s and sub so they can listen to music while playing golf. Pin spot light was hidden behind the front ceiling beam making it discreet as you walk into the room. The enclosure area has golf SQ impact screen with custom upholstered panels. What really made this room unique was that the panels that we installed matched the rest of the room’s design and were flush to the rest of the rooms finish. We made cut outs on the ceiling panels so the uneekor eye xo could sit inside making the finish to a premium standard.

Huxley Golf putting and tee turf was installed to a minimalist standard to enable the rear of the room to wrap around the turf to keep aesthetically pleasing for the client, but also keeping the golf sim useable for right and left handed players. This room was a great size with a projectable screen of 5.3m wide.

Its amazing to see what can be done when all involved are creative and want to achieve the same end result!