This was a fun installation with Uneekor Eye xo as the tracking device. The client had already built the outbuilding before coming to us for the Simulator so we had to work around the dimensions of the outbuilding that existed. Because of the dimensions and the bulkheads we needed to maximise the space and a fitted screen was the only solution.

Wall panels needed to fabricated to fit on site and that was simply because of the bulkhead which had some pretty unusual angles to it on the left side by the doors. Our Pet acoustic panels worked perfectly for this and allowed for these to be positioned around the screen and across the bulkhead.

Because we didn’t get the opportunity to first fix it meant we had to work as best we could with cable runs. At Golf Tech we hate cables and trunking on show and will do all we can to eliminate this. However without a first fix then there are times with joists that’s it’s just possible without making the walls/ceiling into swiss cheese! However we were able to feed most cables with only a minimal amount of trunking. We actually ended up running trunking down the length of the ceiling purely for aesthetics. We only needed half of it but it just would have looked odd if we hadn’t and by doing this it mirrored the skirting board. It’s this attention to detail that we strive on!

Our usual Pc package with workstation and laser projector were positioned and the laser projector has the ability to be positioned off centre. This was crucial on this installation as a central projector position would be vulnerable to the swing and/or player shadow on the screen.

A big shout out to Huxley Golf for laying the turf before our installation as per usual. We work closely with Huxley for our projects and this shows in the quality of the turf and the way it is fitted.

Overall a very clean looking installation with Uneekor Eye Xo!