This was a great example of how to use restricted space to make a system work. An outbuilding in London, so space is at a premium. The client was looking for at Trackman setup that also doubled as a home office.

At just 2.9m wide, thought had to go into making the space practical but also achieving that minimalist finish that looked high quality. Therefore we needed to go for a fitted solution to make as much use of the room width. A custom SQ impact screen with trim kit and the gorgeous upholstered wall/ceiling tiles in a light grey made the room feel wider than it actually is.

The customer wanted a laptop that he could use on his desk alongside his other work components. We installed a docking station to take all the components and to handle the off centre laser projector and 32″ touchscreen inputs. Trackman has a secondary monitor option for data so having this face on was a great feature but at the same time not overpowering the room.

A white trackman spotlight to aid with impact location data and we also had hardwire connections for the Trackman through a brush plate so they can be pushed back into the wall cavity when not in use. This means the trackman can be hardwired instead of wifi and guaranteed never to run out of battery life.

Big thanks to Huxley golf as our usual turf providers. They installed their premium putting turf and tee turf beautifully for a clean finish and then gorgeous hardwood for the remainder of the room and where the office desk is positioned.

Again it shows that with some good practical thought and design a great solution can be achieved.