So not quite sure where to start with this project. What a privilege to be part of such an exciting build.

So this outbuilding was being built by the customers own builder, which we do on many projects. The slight problem arose for us with the shape of the building. The client wanted to maximise the space in the corner of their garden. However the boundary lines were not 45 degree which meant the internal left side wall tapers into the room. This looked great from the outside as it looked as it should, however with a right hand golfer needing to be positioned on the left hand side of the room away from the doors meant the backswing would be fighting with the wall.

The client originally had decided on an Elite Enclosure setup from their demo at our Oxfordshire Showroom but once the plans had come through to us for the outbuilding this enclosure would have looked lost in the room. We offered a solution by going custom with the bay. Our idea was to create two stud walls to create the bay so the left hand stud was then inline to the space needed for the golfers backswing. The idea was this then created a space to the left of the bay which could be a small walk in cupboard which could house the pc and also the control 4 system that was also being installed. We’re always looking for neat ways to hide the boring stuff!

The client also decided that due to this being used as a family cinema room along with the golf then a full star light ceiling would give the family an amazing environment to watch movies under the stars at night. We were able to source a black panasonic projector and with the Uneekor QED also being black these blend in very well.