This outbuilding has been built as a temporary set up for the customer while building a golf simulator inside their home. While it is only temporary most would still love to have this system as their forever simulator!

Golf SQ impact screen and trim pads with 55″ touch screen monitor for the additional data that Trackman can offer. No protective wall and ceiling panels as this is only temporary and saved on cost. PC inside our workstation and the 23.8″ touch screen above. The hitting mat was a Huxley mat & ball tray sat on top of a lovely grey carpet. Trackman spot light above to help with indoor use when using a Trackman which we would always advise having. As mentioned for only a temporary set up this is an amazing finish. Our Panasonic laser projector at the rear with off centre position to help avoid shadow and no left handed players, so this was benefiting the customers experience on using a golf sim.

Looking forward to working on the home build with this customer in the near future!