Depending on which Tracking device you purchase determines what support you are entitled too as each manufacturer works slightly differently.

Golf Tech Systems also offer a chargeable remote support contract. Many customers purchase this as they have quicker response times and dealing with the same support technicians. 

Trackman: All Trackman purchases include remote support directly with Trackman. This can be found on Trackman's website

Uneekor: Uneekor remote support can be obtained for official UK purchases through website. The Uneekor Facebook group also has a great following and the group always offer good advice for any questions. Alternatively you can return the unit within its warranty period to us for us to test and diagnose the problem. Charges would occur outside of the warranty period. 

Skytrak: Skytrak have their own remote support through online chat. This can be found on their website

Garmin: With the R10 being such a new device to the market all support is currently through Garmin HQ. FAQ’s, manuals and videos along with contact can be found on the following link. 

GARMIN R10 UPDATE: It is important that once you receive your device and ongoing that you update the garmin software to the latest version. More information can be found by clicking here

Regardless of what device you buy Golf Tech Remote support is available to purchase. Many of our customers prefer to deal with our own support technicians. This can ultimately lead to quicker resolutions and less time waiting for a manufacturer response. 

Golf Tech Remote Support is chargeable as an unlimited remote support contract payable on a yearly contract. Physical Onsite Support is quoted on request and is dependent on system and location.

If you're looking for support outside of our office hours and can't wait for us to reopen then we recommend checking facebook groups. Currently there is a Uneekor group, skytrak group, Garmin group and Trackman group where you can post and users will try to assist in your problem. 

Golf Tech Support Costs:

12 Months Remote Support Contract: £432 per year ( £36 per calendar month)

Physical Onsite Support: Quote on request

Please email if you would like to purchase a remote support contract.