Many of the common questions that we get asked about a Golf Simulator can be found below:

Q: How do I know I'm getting the right advice?

A: Golf Tech are an independent provider of Golf Simulators. If a specific system is not in our portfolio there will be a good reason why. This will be because another system may offer much more for little difference in money. Our goal is to provide you with the correct system.

Q: How much Space do i need?

A: We have installed Simulators into various sizes. 3 metre width is a minimum but for both right and left handed players we recommend 4.5 - 5 metres.  A 6 metre room length will cover any of our tracking devices to operate. However more space is recommended to allow for seating etc. Ceiling height we recommend 3 metre minimum however if you have enough room to swing freely, that is what matters.

Q: What system is best for me & how do I try the system?

A: We recommend booking a demo at our HQ in Oxfordshire. This way we can look at all aspects to find the system that's right for you.

Q: What technology is used in the Golf Simulator?

A: We used both camera and radar devices for tracking. Both have pro's and cons but one will be better suited for your requirements. 

Q; What software do you recommend?

A: We have access to numerous software and the Uneekor Devices allow for these to be installed. Each have their benefits and again these can be tested to suit your needs on a demonstration. 

Q: What PC do you sell?

A: Our Pc's are very high specification. Currently we run I7 or Ryzen machines with 3070 graphics card.

Q:What Projector do I need?

A: This will be dependent on your screen size and budget. We opt for Panasonic on many installs because of the quality and features these produce.

Q:Do you Install the Simulator or can I build myself?

A: We offer both options. We can provide CAD drawings for a charge to help you self install. We also have a professional AV company that installs all our systems

Q: What turf do you use?

A: Apart from our Elite Enclosure system we always use Huxley Golf for our turf and their installation services. 

Q: Can I use the system as a cinema or for gaming?

A: Absolutely! We use Sonos system for sound as this provides a fantastic experience when watching movies. It is also widely used which makes our customers more comfortable with using it. 

Q: What Cables will I need?

A: We offer a 'Cable Pack' with our DIY consultancy service so you have all the correct cables. If we are installing your simulator then we will install these at first fix. 

Q: What Impact Screen Material do you use?

A: We only use two. The elite and SQ. These two materials have been well documented online for their quality and durability. 

Q: What support do you offer?

A: This will depend on the tracking device but Golf Tech offer a remote support service. This is a chargeable, monthly contract. 

Q: How long before i get my Simulator?

A: Most installed projects run a 6 - 8 week lead time. Component only will depend on stock levels. Screens are approx 3 weeks.