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Trugolf Golf Simulator

Trugolf Horizon Golf Simulator

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For the most committed players, Built-In is the only way to go. This permanent fixture in your home will help you up your game even in the coldest winter months.

These models can also function as entertainment centers—if you can ever bring yourself to watch a movie instead of playing a round.

These systems are made custom for your room. This can include a full awning system and curve screen option. If you can imagine it then we can create it.


Tracking system hardware to improve your swing with every game.



Two high-speed digital cameras capture ball flight with unmatched accuracy.



Expertly crafted software makes golf simulation more realistic than ever before.

*These systems require our installation & Design. Please contact us for more information*

Required minimum space: 16'2"W x 20'D x 10'4"H