Trackman 4 Safety Box

  • £600.00
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Having a Trackman in a commercial environment can be a risky prospective. Trackman is a very valuable product but with it's portability makes it very vulnerable to theft. It can also be accidentally kicked or damaged due to it's placement.

The Trackman safety box helps deter thieves from the temptation of theft and is made from museum grade perspex.


Safety screws - The box screws to the base but is done with 4 safety screws. The box comes with the screwdriver attachment you'll need to attach the top to the base.

Adjustable feet - Adjust the box up and down so your Trackman is level with your playing surface. Critical for Trackman accuracy.

Internal Panel - An internal panel allows the front of the box to remain open and not interfere with the radar but also means the trackman back leg is restricted in being closed and removed. This also helps in the strength of the design.

Lock Holes - The base has two holes and also the back of the box. This allows you to either bolt the base to your floor or pass through a laptop lock cable to secure to something. (Floor fixings/lock cable not included)

Power Button Hole - Access hole on the front of the box so you can easily turn the trackman on and off.

Cable Hole - Cable access through the back to allow power cable. Also enough space in the box for the power pack to sit in.

These items are made to order - please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery

Pictures for illustration purposes only and item does not include the Trackman radar unit. Golf Tech Systems takes no responsibility in the theft of any Trackman whilst using the safety box and the safety box should be used as a deterrent only.