Skytrak Winter Garage Package

Skytrak Winter Garage Package

  • £2,570.00
Tax included.

If you're looking for a cheap way to practice in your garage without the big cost of a full projected setup then our Winter Garage Package maybe just the right system.

A portable Masters Golf net, Huxley 350 Golf Mat and Skytrak Launch monitor with metal protective case makes this an affordable package. To use the system you will need a Iphone, Ipad or PC. The skytrak system comes with a basic driving app. Additional software features can be unlocked with an annual subscription.

This a great setup that can be moved out of the way in seconds. Major benefit over the driving range means you can practice with the normal golf ball you would use and in the comfort of your garage.

This is a great, affordable way to get into Simulation Golf!

Package includes:

  • Skytrak Launch Monitor
  • Skytrak Metal Case
  • Huxley 350 Golf Mat
  • Masters Pop up Golf Net

Note: Image for illustration purposes and does not include Ipad shown. Pop up net may need securing in place indoors with sand bags/weights which are not included.