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SimLite DIY Foresight GC Quad Golf Package

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EXTERNAL SIZE (Width x Height) 150cm Depth
Tracking Device

The SimLite DIY Golf Package is an easy to assemble package that is great if you're looking for an affordable setup. The enclosure is available in a variety of sizes and with a choice of three impact screens.

GC Quad will come with FSX2020 software. This includes the fairgrounds games software and 5 Golf Courses. Further Courses are available to purchase seperately. 

The DIY Golf Package consists of the following components.

  • Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor with ball and club data
  • FSX2020 Software with 5 courses & fairground games
  • Marker dispenser with 530 club stickers
  • Laptop Computer
  • Panasonic 5000 lumen projector
  • Hdmi Cable
  • Laptop/Projector Stand
  • Thick Floor turf
  • Huxley 350 Golf Mat

Enclosure consists of the following

  • Framework Poles
  • Joint Connections
  • Black outer nylon material
  • Impact Screen with trim flaps
  • Memory foam protection around the screen
  • Soft Weighted bottom trim bag
  • Bungee attachments
  • Instructions
  • All enclosures are 150cm in depth

Screen Options:


  • Perfect for beginners or first-timers – an inexpensive impact screen for golf.
  • Budget-friendly projection screen for golf simulators.
  • Use with real golf balls up to 250 MPH.


  • Best value for home users
  • Much smoother texture than Standard with tightly woven fibers for better HD picture.
  • Use with real golf balls up to 250 MPH with an indoor golf simulator.


  • The smoothest surface available on a full impact material.
  • Made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact resistant polyester.
  • Quiets noise from the golf ball hitting the screen with a cushioned center layer.
  • Recommended where image quality is the top concern.

Enclosure depth is 150cm

Visible screen Dimension = Please take off 24cm off the width & height of the external dimension. 

NOTE: All sizes are approx and external and can have a small tolerance. Current lead time is approx 3weeks. Turf will arrive bigger than required and can be cut to size easily with a stanley knife. Please contact us for any queries before ordering or if you require a custom price/quote. Image for illustration purposes and shows a scaled down version.