Brand New SimCube Enclosure with Poles 3.9m x 2.7m x 1.65m U.K. Only

  • £1,990.00
  • Save £710
Tax included.

This enclosure was made for a customer installation. On arrival at the customers property the newly built room dimensions had changed from plan so we knew our enclosure wouldn’t fit and a new enclosure would therefore need to be fabricated.

Therefore we have this enclosure in stock and ready to go. It was never unwrapped on site and brand new. Price is discounted due to it being a slightly unusual size so if the size works for you then you’re getting a bargain!

SimCubes are an easy to assemble system and provides a great enclosure to use with your tracking hardware. The high quality impact screen is bungeed around the framework to help keep the screen clean and crisp to give you a fantastic projected image. The impact screen is also reversible so if it gets dirty can be turned around. The Impact screen is a separate piece of material to the rest of the enclosure so reduces costs when you want to replace it.

The SimCubes kit consists of:

  • High Quality Impact Screen - This is not archery netting
  • Black backing material for impact screen
  • Black sides/roof material
  • Protective pads for sides, floor and roof poles
  • Bungees to attach all material to framework
  • Pole connections for the framework
  • Pole lagging for framework poles

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