Acoustic Foam Tiles (8 Tile Pack)

  • £80.00
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Acoustic Foam Tiles make for a great protective wall and ceiling material. Not only do these tiles looks great with their beveled edge but they are a cheaper alternative to upholstered wall panels. They look great along side the SQ Impact Screen & Trim kit!

Individual tile size: 575 x 575 x 55mm

What set's these tiles apart:

Depth: Don't be fooled by the cheaper tiles that can be found online. Our tiles are 55mm in depth meaning extra protection than many of the tiles found online don't offer with their shallow profile

Easy to cut: With a sharp blade and straight edge they are easy to cut to fit your room.

Cheap & Easy to replace: If a tile gets damaged they are easy to remove and replace. 

We recommend using our Acoustic Spray Adhesive to stick your tiles. Please note the spray glue can leave residue on your walls if removed, so walls will need to be repaired/repainted if removed.

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