Simcube SQ Screen Golf Simulator Enclosure


The new SimCube SQ Enclosures are a new product design deriving from the original SimCube Enclosure. We have taken the original SimCube and progressed to improve it with a easier/quicker installation time, quicker screen replacement time, new design screen side trims, new bottom tension system and finally incorporating the well known Par2Pro SQ Impact Screen Material.

Using the high quality SQ impact screen offers a fantastic projected image. The Impact screen is a separate piece of material to the rest of the enclosure so reduces costs when you want to replace the screen.

The SimCubes SQ kit consists of:

High Quality SQ Impact Screen – This is not archery netting
Black sides/roof material
Protective side screen trims
New bottom tension system
Pole connections for the framework
Pole lagging for framework poles
SimCube Valance SimCube Dimension Options:

All SimCube SQ Enclosures are made to order. Simply order the size that covers your required dimensions and then confirm your exact requested dimensions. All enclosure pricing is based on up to 2.75m in depth. Please contact us if you require a deeper enclosure.

To complete the build of our SimCubes you will need the framework poles. These can be ordered with us or sourced locally and are 33.7mm galvanised steel tube. On completion of your order we will advise of the pole lengths you will need to purchase if you want to source yourself.

*Pictures for Illustration Purposes Only & may not include all items shown*

Current lead time 4 weeks.