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Golf Simulator Tracking Devices

The Optishot Simulator is an entry level, home user system. A good start on a budget for users to get a feel for how a home setup could feel. With optical sensors tracking the clubhead the Optishot is good at club head data and gives basic feedback of the shot.


The skytrak Launch Monitor has been a fantastically popular product since its launch. The unit tracks the ball so is gives great feedback on where your shot actually went. The unit can be used indoors or outdoors and with an Ipad or PC. At to that you can subscribe to various simulation software the flexibility of this unit is exactly why its been so popular.

Trugolf offer world class simualtors in both a portable and permanent solutions. The Vista series offer customers the ability to own a great, freestanding system that can be moved from room to room and requires no installation team. The permanent solutions are beautiful and are great for making a joint simulator/cinema room. Trugolf also make the famous E6 Simulation Software so integration of the software is the best it can be.


Trackman rarely needs an introduction. Used by many of the worlds Tour Professionals the Trackman unit is one of the best in the business. The Trackman software is fantastic for working on your game and can be instantly tailored for the area you want to work on. E6 Simulation Software can also be integrated so you can play some fantastic courses.