Golf Tech Remote Support is chargeable on a pay as you go service or as unlimited remote support payable on a yearly contract. Physical Onsite Support is quoted on request and is dependent on system and location.

Golf Tech Support Costs:

20 Minutes Remote Support: £36.00

12 Months Remote Support Contract: £36 per month

Physical Onsite Support: Quote on request

Manufacturer Support 

Many support questions can be answered on the following manufacturers links.

Uneekor: Click here for Uneekor Resources page. This includes all manuals. Alternatively the Uneekor Facebook group is a great resource to post any questions/problems you may have. This group is run by Uneekor resellers and we all comment on posts to assist with any problems. The group page can be found here and can be your quickest solution for support, especially outside of our office hours and/or if you have opted not to take our remote support services. 

Trackman: Trackman offer direct support and can be found by clicking here

Skytrak: Skytrak has a live chat feature for support. To access Skytrak support please click here