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Trugolf Golf Simulator

Trugolf TruFlight Play Golf Simulator

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The Trugolf TruFlight Play Simulator uses our amazing Golf Tech Enclosure with the TruFlight 2 tracking technology. Add E6 Connect software, false floor, HD projector, Pc & Touchscreen and 27 courses and you really have a fantastic system.

Some of the features included in this system:

  • 4.5m wide enclosure with high quality impact screen
  • Trugolf TruFlight 2 tracking hardware
  • E6 Connect software with 27 Golf Courses
  • HD Projector with 5000 lumens
  • Full false floor ideal for putting
  • Speaker System 
  • High Spec HP I7 PC including 1080i graphics & 23" Touchscreen
  • Golf Tech Workstation
  • Enclosure Spotlight

Requires Golf Tech Installation. Contact us for a quote.

Current lead time 7 weeks