Ex Demo 3 Metre SimCube Enclosure with framework poles - UK Only

Ex Demo 3 Metre SimCube Enclosure with framework poles - UK Only

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Due to a current revamp of our Demo Centre we are selling our 3 metre wide SimCube. Please note this enclosure was used in our showroom as more of a display item to give customers the feel of a 3 metre wide setup. All demo's are carried out on our 4.5 metre enclosure so this SimCube Enclosure has had very little use. 

Size: 3 metre wide x 2.5 metre high x 2 metre depth.

*Image shown is the enclosure we are selling. Note you are buying the enclosure only. It does not include the false floor/projector or any other item shown.*

SimCubes are an easy to assemble system and provides a great enclosure to use with your tracking hardware. The high quality impact screen is bungeed around the framework to help keep the screen clean and crisp to give you a fantastic projected image. The impact screen is also reversible so if it gets dirty can be turned around. The Impact screen is a separate piece of material to the rest of the enclosure so reduces costs when you want to replace the screen.

The SimCubes kit consists of:

  • High Quality Impact Screen - This is not archery netting
  • Black backing material for impact screen
  • Black sides/roof material
  • Protective pads for sides, floor and roof poles
  • Bungees to attach all material to framework
  • Pole connections for the framework
  • Pole lagging for framework poles


*Pictures for Illustration Purposes Only & may not include all items shown*