Uneekor QED

Uneekor QED Succeed Tracking System - European Model

  • £10,000.00
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The Uneekor QED Tracking system comes with its own software called Ignite & Succeed. Ignite software is a more data focused for when you want to dial in on some numbers in a practice session. The Succeed software is more visual and allows for Driving Range, On course practice and playing on 20 Golf Courses.The tracking system also integrates with E6 Connect & TGC2019 software so you can really tailor this system to your software requirements.

Easy to install with just two cables (one to PC & one to power) it also has it's own built in calibration system which makes it the ultimate DIY tracking system. It also tracks for left/right handed players simultaneously and is positioned on the ceiling, behind the ball position so is in no danger of being hit.

For more information visit https://www.qedsim.com 

Please note you need to used marked balls with this tracking system. Each system comes with two dozen marked balls. Premium marked balls will be available soon

Please note: QED tracking devices are Country locked. Devices will only work in their purchased Country.