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MultiSport Now Available For Trugolf Simulators

We are very pleased to announce that MultiSports are now available for Trugolf Hardware Owners. MultiSport brings a new dimension to Trugolf Simulators and allows users to purchase various sports to play, which really turns the system into a family entertainment system.

Soccer, Ice Hockey, FootGolf and Baseball are the first sports available and are available to purchase in pairs or the full 4 sport pack. The packs also include the relevant equipment to use the system which have been tried and tested. A microphone that plugs into the mic jack on the PC also helps with voice commands that are usable within some of the games.

MultiSports are available for Trugolf tracking systems which include Trutrack2, Truflight1 and TruFlight2. Users will need to have a E6 Connect licence to purchase multisport and Trugolf 1.6 customers get a discounted rate for that upgrade.

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