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Projectors, Mounts & Cables

£ 849.99
If you're looking for the ultimate image in a projected setup then the Short Throw HD Projector is the one to go for. This projector looks great with E6 Software
Side Positioned Projector for 3M Golf Tech Enclosure
£ 699.00
This neat projector can sit in line with the side of the 3m Golf Tech Enclosure. Ideal so its not positioned in a vulnerable place on the ceiling.
Short Throw Projector
£ 569.99
The Short throw Projector is fantastic to take your setup to the highest level. This specialist projector provides a big image from a short distance which is optimum for a golf simulator.
Pole Projector Mount
£ 150.00
This projector mount is ideal to use with our Golf Tech Enclosure. An easy to use clamp means its easy to position your projector with little effort.
Golf Tech Workstation
£ 135.00
The Golf Tech Workstation is can house your PC, toucshcreen, speakers and also side mounted projector. 
Projector Mount
£ 39.99
The universal projector ceiling bracket designed to secure 99% of data projectors safety and sturdily to ceilings. It is designed for applications where no ‘drop’ is required so no pole is included.

10m Hdmi Cable
£ 29.99
10m HDMI 1.4 Cable v1.4 – High Speed with Ethernet Channel and Audio Return Channel HEAC.