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Welcome to the Golf Tech Systems OptiShot Page, here you will find all the information about OptiShot that you will require. If you like the look of OptiShot why not look through our components to create you own custom simulator.

Optishot+3 is a Golf Simulator which comes with 15 championship golf courses and can be used in many forms. Until now your only option to practise at home has been to hit in to a net. If you’re practising into a net you’re missing out on observing the ball’s flight. This means you’re not getting the critical feedback needed to improve your swing. You’re left guessing as to what’s actually happening to your shots and will end up practising the wrong thing over and over again.

Hitting balls on Optishot+3 is a completely immersive experience. Control the ball just like you would outdoors. You’ll know whether that shot in the right rough was a slice or a push and what in your swing made it happen. This makes practising at home much more beneficial , helping you to understand your swing and lower your scores.

Optishot+3 can be purchased for just £299 and then it’s left for you to decide on how you want to use it.

There are the following options:

1) Simply plug and play on your computer to use in its basic form

2) Connect your computer to a HD TV to enlarge the experience

3) Connect your computer to a projector to create a full golf simulator. We recommend one of our projection golf nets so real golf balls can be used safely and for the best experience

NOW £299

System Requirements

Please note as OptiShot reads club information from a sensor pad, you may find readings do not take into account ball strike.

Make sure the room OptiShot+3 is being used has appropriate lighting. Sunlight and Halogen light can affect OptiShot readings.

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A list of courses that are included in the OptiShot+3 software package are listed here

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OptiShot Courses