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Golf Tech Enclosure Custom Dimensions

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Golf Tech Enclosure Custom Dimensions
  • Golf Tech Enclosure Custom Dimensions
  • Golf Tech Enclosure Custom Dimensions
  • Golf Tech Enclosure Custom Dimensions
Contact us if you want a Golf Tech Enclosure to your specific dimensions. Email with your dimensions and shipping address.

The Golf Tech enclosure is an easy to assemble system and provides a great enclosure to use with your tracking hardware. The high quality impact screen is bungeed around the framework to help keep the screen clean and crisp to give you a fantastic projected image. The impact screen is also reversible so if it gets dirty can be turned around. The Impact screen is a separate piece of material to the rest of the enclosure so reduces costs when you want to replace the screen.

The projector can be suspended from the enclosure with our clamp projector mount and this provides a self supporting system.

This kit consists of:

High Quality Impact Screen - This is not archery netting
Black backing for impact screen
Black sides and roof material
Protective pads for sides and roof poles*
Bungees to attach all material to framework
Pole connections for the framework
Metal poles for framework and to suspend projector - UK Only

Current lead time 5 weeks.

Photos for illustration purposes only to show how the enclosure can look in a projected setup. Photos show the 4.5 metre enclosure. This product does not include any items pictured other than what is listed in the kit above

Please note that if you buy the enclosure on its own then the floor pole is exposed to the risk of bounce back. We suggest either buying our floor turf or contact us about our full false floor.