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Golf Mats

Truestrike Double Golf Mat
£ 912.00
The Truestrike Double Golf Mat is perfect for both Commercial & Home Setups
Huxley 400 Base System
£ 730.00
The Hux Base 400 system includes the Hux Mat 400, our premier quality all weather practice mat, the Huxley Rubber Base and Ball Tray which is the perfect accompaniment for ease of use when practicing your swing. This golf mat with golf ball tray is recommended for professional or commercial use.
Truestrike Academy Golf Mat
£ 648.00
The Truestrike Academy Golf Mat is perfect for both Commercial & Home Setups. With its central hitting point its perfect for simulation use for right & left handers.
Truestrike Single Golf Mat
£ 552.00
The Truestrike Single Golf Mat is perfect for both Commercial & Home Setups
Huxley 400 Golf Mat
£ 472.00
The Huxley 400 Golf Mat is our premier quality all-weather professional practice mat featuring a soft, realistic feel.

This superior mat is recommended for professional use or the amateur looking for the best quality golf mat.
Huxley 350 Golf Mat
£ 310.00
Huxley Golf all-weather practice mats are good value artificial turf surfaces for year-round practice. Used and recommended by many leading coaches and tour professionals for home practice, they offer outstanding quality coupled with virtually no maintenance. The Hux Mat 350 is a superior quality all-weather practice mat. Recommended for home and professional use.
Huxley Mat Base
£ 192.00
The Huxley Mat base holds the hux 350 mat in perfect position with its anti-skid rubber surround. This is an ideal component if you're putting a golf mat on astro turf to stop it moving.

Huxley Ball Tray
£ 66.00
The Golf Ball Tray is an ideal accessory for the Huxley Base and is perfectly designed to allow you to keep all of your golf balls in one place, with the side groove enabling you to easily pull your golf balls up onto the mat.