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Golf Tech Enclosure - Quality proves popularity!

20 May 2017
Golf Tech Enclosure - Quality proves popularity! The introduction of the Golf Tech Enclosure is currently proving hugely popular. We started out a year ago to try and produce the best enclosure we could. Our aim was to have a high quality screen, easy to assemble framework, a nice surround material, optional projector mounting and the ability to ship the unit without huge shipping costs.

A very tall order and after many designs and prototypes the new enclosure was launched at the end of 2016!

So where are we 6 months on??..... Well so far sales have proved very popular. The screen material has proven extremely popular and made our enclosure stand out from the crowd. We tried and tested many materials from around the world trying to find the best for image quality, duration and limited creasing. We already have archery netting which is still available and a cheaper product. Archery netting is used in other competitors setups but we felt we needed to raise the bar, especially with HD projectors becoming more affordable, therefore we wanted the best enclosure for our customers.

The enclosure is currently listed on our website in the two most popular sizes. 4.5m x 3m and a 3m x 2.5m. All enclosures are currently made to order whilst we keep up with demand so if you have different dimensions then we can accommodate that with ease.

With regards to the framework we've made the enclosure with standard galvanized steel poles that are available locally all over the world. That means we can ship the enclosure with the screen, screen backing, black enclosure surround, pole protector pads, bungees, pole lagging and the the frame connection joints. This keeps the shipping down as you can then order the poles locally and we provide the sizes you'll need to order.

If you want to see the enclosure then you are welcome to book a free demonstration at the Milton Keynes Demo Centre and more details can be found on the following link.

Golf Tech complete new Camberley Facility

8 Jul 2016
Golf Tech complete new Camberley Facility Golf Tech Systems are pleased to announce that we have just completed the installation of 6 simulators at a new facility in Camberley, Surrey. This state of the art facility called Fairweather Golf has had 6 simulators installed. 5 of those are Trugolf systems and the 6th bay is using Trackman. All bays are using E6 software and offer the client both fantastic playing and coaching opportunities. The facility opens officially on Saturday 9th July and is already heavily booked up which shows just how popular these facilities are becoming.

Fairweather also boasts the first Robo Golf machine in the UK and this really is a massive aid in coaching. This machine really needs to be seen to be believed.

For more information and to book a simulator visit 

Why buying a module is the best way to purchase a Hard Wall Golf Simulator

28 Jun 2016
Why buying a module is the best way to purchase a Hard Wall Golf Simulator Golf Tech Systems are just about to open their new Demo Centre in Milton Keynes and the key to the Demo Centre is the Trugolf Module and this new way of selling Golf Simulators. Golf Simulators have always been an expensive purchase and much of this expense comes from the shipping of the heavy enclosure predominantly from America. Shipping of a simulator alone can cost up to £8000 so this is why simulators have always come in as extremely expensive products. Many US companies also insist on their own staff to install the simulator which also means the addition of air fares to the overall cost.

Trugolf and Golf Tech Systems have now come up with a solution to help the Uk and European customers obtain a simulator for a greatly reduced cost. 'We really wanted to find a solution to reduce the overall cost to Uk and European clients' says Golf Tech's Sales Director, Steve Webb. 'We worked closely with Trugolf to see if we could find a solution to increase sales for Trugolf outside of the US and it appeared international sales were low due to the final cost of the simulator. We have now signed an exclusivity contract for Trugolf products here in the Uk and our aim now is to sell Trugolf Systems as modules. This means with our instruction the client builds the enclosure to our specification themselves or by a local builder. Once completed our installation team then attend to install the tech part of the simulator including tracking sensors, impact screen, projector, pc and touchscreen. We are also working on our very own enclosure which again will give our customers another option and this again will help with costs as its fabricated here in the UK.'

Golf Tech Systems are just finishing a commercial facility in Camberley, Surrey that has taken this route to build their facility. 'With a total of 6 simulators installed it really has helped kick start this facility as by normal methods they would have been looking at only 3 simulators for the same budget.'

Contact Golf Tech Systems on 01865 582699 or email for more information or to book a demonstration at their Demo facility in Milton Keynes.

Trugolf Vista 10 arrives at the Milton Keynes Demo Centre

31 May 2016
Trugolf Vista 10 arrives at the Milton Keynes Demo Centre Trugolf, the manufacturers of the worlds finest Golf simulators and Simulation software have just released their new, updated version of their portable simulators. The Vista Series which replaces the Technique series really is a massive step forward for this type of system. The biggest improvement certainly comes from the impact screen. Where the old systems had the impact screen held in place with velcro the new Vista has the screen bungeed around an extremely light framework. This results in a clean and crisp impact screen which makes the projected image much clearer to see and with not one crease in sight.

Add to that the new side walls and roof and this portable simulator looks exactly like a more traditional hard wall system. We're pleased to announce the Vista 10 is now at Milton Keynes and ready for demonstrations. We think this will be one of the most popular simulator choices moving forward as it provides fantastic value for money against its hard wall competitors!

Various Support Options Now Available At Golf Tech Systems

7 May 2016
Various Support Options Now Available At Golf Tech Systems At Golf Tech Systems we only believe in customers paying for exactly what they need. Everybody is different in the options they want and therefore you should only pay for what you actually need in your system and that should be no different with support once you've purchased. 

Golf Tech now offer two levels of support. Manufacturer support is offered free of charge like any product and on our support page you will find links to the manufacturers equipment we sell along with their faq's pages which is where many questions can be answered. The downside to manufacturers support is the time scale it can take to get a problem resolved. This is amplified more in the golf simulator world with most manufacturers being based in America which means it can be the end of the day in the UK before the manufacturers are starting work.

If you're looking for a quicker resolve in the same time zone then Golf Tech now offer our own support service from our dedicated support team. We offer two levels of support on a pay as you go basis or as a yearly unlimited contract. This can prove much more beneficial especially to commercial facilities in the UK.

Contact us for more information on our support packages.

New Demo Facility in Milton Keynes

1 May 2016
New Demo Facility in Milton Keynes Golf Tech Systems are proud to announce our new facility in Milton Keynes. We felt the need to have a facility in a great location to show off all of the current Golf Technology on the market. Letting our clients book an appointment and then see and test the various tech in the flesh is the best way for customers to decide what products they like and how they would like their own setup to be. Everyone is different in their requirements so we believe this is the best way for each customer to get exactly the setup they desire and more importantly only pay for the setup they want.

To book a demonstration at Milton Keynes contact us now.