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become a golf tech pro

Golf Tech Systems are always loking to build relationships ith PGA Professionals. We already have a number of Pro's that work closely with us whether it be us providing them new equipment for their members and to improve their coaching on h them providing product demonstartions on our behalf.


We dont just want to sell a system to a Professional and that be the end of the end of it. We want to help eachother with future business. Thats why when you purchase any equipment from us we offer you the opportunity to demonstarte that product to customers on our behalf. If after the demonstartion the customer purchases that product we pay a comission for that sale.

Benefits of being a Golf Tech Pro

  • Comission on leads and demonstrations
  • Publicity of being a Golf Tech Pro means more chance of customers coming to your facility
  • Be kept up to date of all new Golf Tech Products
  • Free updates on products where available

*Pictured opposite PGA Professional Lee Jackson on completion of a Trugolf Prestige at North Oxford Golf Club. Lee regularly provides demonstartions for Golf Tech on this Trugolf System.*

PGA Professional Lee Jackson

PGA Professional Ian Mitchell